Yrkesdörren- networks lead to work

Yrkesdörren facilitates meetings between established Swedes and immigrants, with expertise from the same industry, in order to broaden networks and speed up immigrants’ establishment in the Swedish job market.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 jobs are found through networks?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 jobs are found through networks?

The Issue

At present, it takes about 8 years for a foreign academic to establish themselves in the Swedish labor market. A report from “Företagarna” states that more than 72,000 jobs could have been created each year if companies had only found the right people with the necessary skills. Often those searching for employees and those searching for jobs do not cross paths. We believe this is because they do not share the same network. Having a broad professional network is crucial in order to establish a career as 8 out of 10 jobs are found through the help of contacts.

Our Solution

Yrkesdörren sets up meetings between established Swedes and immigrants with expertise from the same industry. For one hour the pair will meet and exchange  experiences and knowledge on the social and cultural norms practiced in their job sector. The goal of the meeting is that the established Swede, whom we call the door-opener, will share two contacts from their network with the immigrant, who can use these contacts to find work opportunities. Through this meeting two “doors” are opened up for the job seeker, these contacts could lead to two new doors, which in turn lead to other opportunities and so on – thereby building new networks not only for the job seeker but also for those searching for employees.


Meeting someone new for one hour can make an incredible difference in someone’s life. For those who have just recently moved to Sweden, the meeting often leads to jobs or internships, but it also strengthens their confidence in the process of searching for work. At the same time, the Swedish participant often sees the meeting as rewarding and that they have contributed to a more inclusive society.


percent of the immigrant participants have found a job with the help of the established Swede, another 10% have found internships.


percent have landed an interview and 78% say that the meeting strengthened their confidence in the job search process.


percent of the door-openers say that the meeting was fun and rewarding for themselves, and that they feel they contributed to a more inclusive society.


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