Amelie Silfverstolpe

As the project manager with a special responsibility for strategic initiatives, Amelie Silfverstolpe works to identify, plan, and lead projects that drive sustainable growth, circular innovation, and contribute to solving complex societal problems. In her role, Amelie collaborates closely with businesses, researchers, as well as public and non-profit entities in cross-functional groups to prioritize initiatives in line with Axfoundation's purpose and goals.

Previously, Amelie served as the Program Director for Social Sustainability and initiated ÖppnaDörren, a platform designed to facilitate integration and contribute to a faster establishment for foreign-born individuals on the Swedish labor market through the Working Door. Currently, her focus is on leading the development of an industry-wide circular system for grocery bags in e-commerce.

In her role, Amelie also manages a network where some of Sweden's largest family foundations exchange experiences regarding philanthropic solutions to contribute to long-term societal challenges. In parallel, she leads the seminar series "Human Nature," bringing together researchers, change-makers, thinkers, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs for conversations about opportunities and solutions for sustainable development from scientific, technical, cultural, and social perspectives.

Amelie is a member of the Delegation for Circular Economy's expert network and the Normskifte think tank. She has previously contributed as a member of the Philanthropic Forum's steering group. Additionally, she founded the Volontärbyrån and has held several board assignments, including those in the Ickevåldsfonden and Raoul Wallenberg Differencemakers.

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