Drive for Life: a new initiative for young people at risk of social exclusion


In collaboration with Axfoundation, the Norwegian initiative Drive for Life has begun operating in Sweden. Come and meet us during the opening day of Järvaveckan, Saturday, 9th June, to learn more.

Through its successful work on combatting exclusion, Drive for Life helps children and young people at risk of social exclusion get a new chance in life. Its work is based on a well-proven method where children and young people are given the opportunity to take part in challenging leisure activities and developmental conversations in small groups. Each group, or ‘club’, consists of five participants and two trained adult supervisors. The club establishes a joint team that combines positive experiences, common team rules and challenging activities that encourage the feeling of empowerment in overcoming difficulties, joy and good team spirit. It is the local team / club that decides what leisure activity the club is going to do and can include motor racing, climbing, soccer or other things that the young people involved are passionate about. Read more here.