World’s First Video Streaming Service for Language Development


In conjunction with the Social Innovation Summit October 25 to 26, the app SVT Språkplay (Swedish Television Language TV) was released—a separate video streaming app with interactive subtitles to fifteen common immigrant languages. Språkplay is a tool for anyone who wants to develop their Swedish language.

“SVT’s offer is a perfect tool to begin to understand the Swedish society, and in the app, you can now additionally work out in the Swedish language, says Niss Jonas Carlsson, Chair of Språkkraft (Swedish for Power of Language), which is supported by Axfoundation, among others.

Once a user opens the app, he or she can choose content freely or from the app’s recommended programs, such as “What’s new in easy Swedish.” This will open a video player where the words are clickable. The translation of the words appear in the language you have specified as your first language. You can also do exercises integrated in the subtitles.

Language support is provided for English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Farsi, Finnish, Greek, Kurdish, Serbian, Somali and Azeri.

The app ”SVT Språkplay” is available in the App Store (iOS version 8 and later) and the Play Store (Android version 4.1 and later).

SVT Språkplay has been developed in a collaboration between the nonprofit organization Språkkraft and Swedish Television. The app is tested in part with help from an association for children refugees. They help users get started and listen to their comments and feedback. Språkkraft has received funding from, among others, Vinnova, the Swedish Internet Fund, Axfoundation, Dusan Stojanovic, Studiefrämjandet (Study promotion in Sweden) and TNG recruitment and staffing.