Act to inspire & inspire to act 2020 – Axfoundation Progress Report


Over the past two years, Axfoundation has created alliances and collaborations with some 225 partners, contributing to positive development in society by exploring new solutions. By using business as an accelerator to drive long-term change, we have tackled sustainability challenges related to the things we buy, the food we eat, the resources we use, and the people we meet. In our Progress Report 2020, we share an extract of successful results – but also examples of times when things didn’t go quite as planned. Because to innovate sustainable solutions and achieve transformative change, we need to have courage to fail.

Getting it done.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for change to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and to create a thriving society within the planetary boundaries. At Axfoundation, we initiate and run projects together with the private sector to tackle global sustainability challenges based on practical issues within our programs: Future Food, Circular Economy, Sustainable Production and Consumption, and up until 2020 also Inclusive Society.

The progress report – Act to inspire and inspire to act 2020 – presents highlights and results that Axfoundation has contributed to from the beginning of 2018 through early 2020.

“Axfoundation is a catalyst that challenges. We want to inspire, share knowledge, spark debate and drive processes both locally and globally. The road ahead is often winding. It takes courage, curiosity and power to bring about real change. Our co-workers’ drive, competence and expertise is our true asset. In some projects we take on the role of project managers, in others we are bridge builders. Sometimes we are the initiators. Regardless, we always have one mission: act to inspire and inspire to act.” – Maria Smith, Secretary General, Axfoundation


Axfoundation’s practical and solution-oriented initiatives engaged and reached more than 22,000 people.


We collaborated with some 225 partners across sectors and industries.


Axfoundation has worked together with over 40 researchers to find solutions to complex business problems.

Future Food

Highlights from the program Future Food:

Circular Economy

Within Circular Economy, Axfoundation contributed to:

Sustainable Production and Consumption

A selection of results from the program Sustainable Production and Consumption:

Inclusive Societies

Highlights from the program Inclusive Societies:

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