Human Nature

Human Nature is a series of informal seminars where we adress noteworthy aspects of human nature and our relationship with the planet. Together with researchers, politicians, businesses, farmers, journalists, civil society representatives and other friends, we explore opportunities and solutions for the sustainable development of society from a scientific, technical, cultural and social perspective.

In 2010 the first Human Nature seminar was organized.

In 2010 the first Human Nature seminar was organized.

About Human Nature

In 2010 the first Human Nature seminar was organized, and since then the series has covered several themes that shed light on the dynamics between human beings and this planet. Some past themes included Death, Boundaries, Things that Grow, Truth or Dare and Below the Surface. Speakers and guests from different corners of the world have participated – Sweden, Europe, the US, Asia – creating ripples on the water. Human Nature is built upon the previous seminar series “Madarundan”, born in the wake of the Rhoca Gil scandal in Hallandsåsen when environmentally harmful toxins leaked into nature and affected the residents and animals nearby. Since its inception, the seminar has been held in both Stockholm and the Bjäre Peninsula, and is often broadcasted on the Swedish television channel Kunskapskanalen.

Human Nature seminars