Ethical Trading Initiative Sweden – a platform for sustainable production

ETI Sweden gathers companies, trade unions, civil society organizations and the public sector to further good working conditions in the supply chain. Axfoundation was the driving force behind the formation of the organization that was set up on 12th December 2019 and is also one of the founders. The beginning of ETI Sweden came from Norwegian Etisk Handel in the autumn of 2018 when they asked for a Swedish associate organization. ETI Sweden aims to have a close collaboration with ETI in Norway, Denmark and the UK.

Social dialogue is a focus area for Ethical Trading Initiative.

Social dialogue is a focus area for Ethical Trading Initiative.

The Issue

Sweden’s imports are dependent on production in high-risk countries with precarious labour conditions and environmental impact. Corporations’ efforts to secure good labour conditions are advancing at the top of the chain, but further down, where the risks are greatest, there is neither traceability nor transparency. A single company rarely has the resources for controlling more than one link in the chain through inspections, and even less power to influence laws, structures and attitudes.


Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) gathers like minded parties within all sectors to effect concrete improvements in the supply chains. The member companies pledge to follow the OECD guideline for human rights due diligence and report yearly to ETI. The members tackle common problems in projects in the production countries while the ETI-organizations attempt to influence governments and suppliers who violate international labour law. ETI also support collaborations with researchers, investors and owners.

A force for better conditions

ETI Sweden promotes fair working conditions, reduced environmental impact and anti-corruption according to the UN Guiding Principles for business and human rights, and the OECD guideline for multinational companies. The Swedish organization’s aim is to be an expert agency for sustainable supply chain issues and to gather skills, methods and tools for its members. ETI is aimed at small and large companies within all sectors. Membership is open to companies, civil society organizations, trade unions and the public sector.

Working group

A working group was set up and developed a proposal for the policy document and the blueprint for the organization’s structure in advance of the foundation of ETI Sweden. The group had representatives from Axfood, Axfoundation, Coop, Fairtrade, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, NCC, Oxfam Sweden, Save the Children, The Church of Sweden, Systembolaget, Unionen, Union to Union and The National Agency for Public Procurement.


ETI Sweden was founded on 12th December 2019 by Axfoundation, Coop Sverige, Fairtrade Sverige, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), Oxfam Sweden, Systembolaget, Unionen, Union to Union and Västtrafik. An interim board was formed which will recruit staff and prepare the first annual general meeting to be held in the spring of 2020.

Become a member

Does your organization want to become a member? Organizations can sign up to be a founder of ETI Sweden up until the first AGM. The fee for founder members is SEK 150,000 for companies, SEK 50,000 for trade organizations and unions, SEK 10,000-20,000 for local authorities and the public sector and SEK 10,000 for others.

Does your organization want to become a member of ETI Sweden and benefit from its skills and resources? Please contact the chair for more information.


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