Broadened Networks Benefit All


Did you know that 7 out of 10 jobs are mediated through people we know?

In other words, the networks we’re in are decisive for our professional life. Yrkesdörren (Swedish for “Occupation Door”) is a part of ÖppnaDörren (Swedish for “Open the Door”), and an initiative of Axfoundation. Through the initiative we want to facilitate meetings between established Swedes who want to expand and share their network with non-native Swedes who want to build a network in their new homeland.

Yrkesdörren lets newly arrived meet people who are already settled in Sweden to talk about jobs and open a door to new contacts. Ultimately, it is about new meetings helping people establish themselves and simultaneously increase diversity in the workplace by giving employers access to a more complete talent pool.

“Looking for a new job or trying to establish more professional contacts can be daunting for non-native Swedes, so this service really helps with making the initial contact that much easier and accessible.”
– Petrine, matched through Yrkesdörren

Since its launch on November 16, 2015, more than 1,000 meetings have been held, almost double the target for the year. Several of the meetings are highlighted #veckansyrkesdörr in social media.

Axfoundation, a non-profit business founded by Antonia Ax:son Johnson is initiator of ÖppnaDörren. Axfoundation’s purpose is to create conditions for change toward a more sustainable society. The goal is to be a catalyst that challenges, arouses debate, inspires, spreads knowledge and initiates processes related to social and environmental issues.