Act to inspire & inspire to act!

Axfoundation is an independent, non-profit organization working practically and concretely towards building a sustainable society. We believe that entrepreneurship and broad collaborations with many actors in society are necessary for change. We want to create real change. We aim to inspire those we work with, and act for change - either individually or collectively.

 We shed light on global sustainability challenges and are working practically to find solutions.

We shed light on global sustainability challenges and are working practically to find solutions.

We are a Do Tank, not a Think Tank

Axfoundation aims to innovate and accelerate solutions for a sustainable world. We work in a result-oriented and practical way to find concrete solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. The problems we face are often much greater than ourselves, which means that we are happy to cooperate with other actors in the food industry, and with other industries as well. We strive to be a “do tank” rather than a “think tank”.

Our Work

Axfoundation works with sustainability holistically, and where environmental, social and economic sustainability overlap. We work with four program areas: Sustainable Production and Consumption; Food of the Future; Circular Economy; Inclusive societies. Through these program areas we tackle challenges related to the things we buy, the food we eat, the resources we use, and the people we meet.

Within each program Axfoundation spearheads several projects, but we also collaborate with other organizations and initiatives. We are an active project partner and contribute through our expertise, management and financial resources. In exceptional cases, we only provide financial support, but are often involved in initiating and designing the project from the very start.


Axfoundation is an independent, non-profit organization. Our close working relationship with the entrepreneurial family Axelsson, and our vast network of international companies gives us the capacity and opportunities to tackle global sustainability challenges by deconstructing real life issues.

We use entrepreneurship as a driver for real change. We begin by initiating pilot projects through the companies that are part of the Axel Johnson Group. After the pilot project we give the small-scale solutions the boost they need and broaden our approach by including relevant partners.

Our Working Model

Axfoundation has developed a working model that helps us drive change processes in a wider context. The working model aims to create alliances and collaborations when tackling challenges that are too great to solve on our own. We always begin with a real life problem identified by either a company or by the community.

Together with experts we investigate the problem and then come up with proposals for a solution. The solution is put to the test by being practically implemented by the company or organization in question. If their evaluation of the solution is positive and everyone is satisfied with the results, we broaden the project and invite relevant partners who can either use or build upon the solution we developed.

Sometimes, we invite other actors in the industry at an earlier stage to help us identify solutions. In the final step, we evaluate other actions we can do to spread the solution even further – perhaps by establishing relationships with authorities or exporting the tool internationally. The working model gives us the ability to solve challenges and makes it possible to drive change on a larger scale.

“We combine our impartiality with high ambitions, flexibility, a practical focus and strong partnerships. This gives us the power to test new ideas, and the opportunity to influence and contribute to transformative change. ”- Alexandra Mörner, Chairman of the Board


To keep ourselves up to date and in order for us to identify relevant partners and possible projects, we work through our network and current partners. We therefore do not accept applications and do not award scholarships for studies and/or travel.

Our Founder & Our History

“We want to be at the forefront of change. We want to challenge and translate good ideas into practical solutions. Relentlessly. ”- Read more about Antonia Ax:son Johnson’s sustainable story.


Feel free to contact the Axfoundation team or board if you have questions about our work.