Act to Inspire & Inspire to Act!

Axfoundation is an independent, non-profit organization working practically and concretely towards building a sustainable society. Believing strongly in business as a driving force for change, we often initiate and run projects together with the private sector. Together with over 300 partners across sectors and industries we tackle local and global sustainability challenges based on practical issues related to the things we buy, the food we eat and the resources we use.

Progress Report 2023

“Do Tank” not a Think Tank

Axfoundation takes on practical sustainability challenges holistically at the point where environmental, social and economic sustainability meet and overlap. We see our organization as more of a ‘do tank’ than a think tank. We accelerate and innovate solutions within Future Food and Future Materials.

Axfoundation is a catalyst that challenges. We want to inspire, share knowledge, spark debate and drive processes both locally and globally. It takes courage, curiosity and power to bring about real change. In some projects we take on the role of project managers, in others we are bridge builders. Sometimes we are the initiators. Regardless, we always have one mission: act to inspire and inspire to act.

– Maria Smith, Secretary General, Axfoundation


In Axfoundation’s Progress Report 2023 Act to inspire & inspire to act, we share an extract of successful results – but also examples of times when things didn’t go quite as planned. Because to innovate sustainable solutions and achieve transformative change, we need courage to fail.

Our Program Areas

Getting Things Done

We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for change. And we are convinced that companies of all sizes have important roles to play in contributing to the sustainable development of society. Axfoundation uses business as an accelerator of long-term transformative change. Our proximity to the Axel Johnson Group means that we can often start with a pilot project in a company. We then broaden the approach by including relevant partners and providing small-scale solutions with growth power – both within and outside the Group. The starting point is always a practical sustainability challenge.

Axfoundation combines impartiality with high ambitions, flexibility, a practical focus and strong partnerships. We find strength in our access to a large corporate group. It gives us the power to test new ideas and the opportunity to influence and contribute to transformative change.

– Alexandra Mörner, Chairman of the board

Broad Collaborations

We are confident that broad collaborations between relevant actors in society can solve complex problems. Our position as an independent and non-profit player, with strong networks in several sectors, enables us to form a bridge between parties who would likely not otherwise cooperate. We form alliances with actors within the private sector and industry associations, as well as with academia, trade unions, civil society and the public sector. In Sweden and internationally – from Sweden to Europe, the US and beyond. Axfoundation’s work is always knowledge based and we work together with over 70 researchers to find solutions to complex business problems and ensure our ventures and results are research-based.

Applications and funding

To keep ourselves up to date and in order for us to identify relevant partners and possible projects, we work through our network and current partners in Sweden and internationally. We therefore do not accept applications and do not award scholarships for studies and/or travel.

Axfoundation frequently seeks external funding for innovation projects in collaboration with partners, channeling these funds to researchers and other actors to enable groundbreaking research and practical solutions. In these projects, Axfoundation contributes both time, expertise, and its own financing. This approach creates potential for transformative solutions that extend far beyond Axfoundation’s own boundaries.

Our Founder and Our History

We want to be at the forefront of change. We want to challenge and translate good ideas into practical solutions. Relentlessly.

– Read more about Antonia Ax:son Johnson’s sustainable story.


Feel free to contact the Axfoundation team or board if you have questions about our work.

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