Nudging Consumer Behavior in Food E-com

Food is a vital part of life. Everyday we must buy, prepare and consume food. How can we make sure that our daily food choices are sustainable? How easy is it for a consumer to know which choice is the better alternative? In a pilot project, Axfoundation supports's use of nudge theory to guide their customers towards climate-smart choices. In the spring of 2019, launched parts of the service, making it easier for consumers to make a more sustainable choice.

Rice or potatoes? Axfoundation supports to help "nudge" its customers towards climate-smart choices.

Rice or potatoes? Axfoundation supports to help "nudge" its customers towards climate-smart choices.

The Issue

Today, food accounts for 25 percent of our total impact on climate change. At the same time, studies show that through knowledge of better alternatives, consumers can half their food-related climate impact. sees this as a massive opportunity to encourage sustainable behavior by becoming the first online grocery store to provide its customers with a climate receipt with climate impact detailed down to product level.


Our Solution

Through the climat reciept, visualizes the climate impact of a particular product.  By providing the consumer with this information guides the consumer to make climate-smart food choices. Through nudging, rather than coercion, consumer behavior is moved step by step towards more sustainable habits. Through this receipt the customer can also follow changes in the climate impact of their purchases, gathering information over time on what creates large or small climate impacts.


“By adding climate data to commodities at, the products’ environmental impact can be visualized. In this way, consumers increase their understanding of the climate impact of certain purchases- creating an opportunity to encourage the buying of climate-smart alternatives.”

Our Work

In order to provide this service, needed support in developing and quality checking the climate data of their product range at product level. Axfoundation and Axel Johnson AB arranged a collaboration with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) who gave access to their climate database for food. RISE also calculated the climate impact for each product in’s product range. Axfoundation and Axel Johnson AB, have remained active in this collaboration by contributing to the development and continuation of the project.

For Axfoundation, the long-term goal is to contribute to building reliable and easily communicable climate data that can be used by consumers in order to stimulate sustainable behavior. We hope that, to begin with, climate data is communicated between companies within the Axel Johnson Group, and later, that it is integrated into RISE’s climate database, so as to reach as many actors as possible.


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