Social Sustainability

The basic principle behind our work with social sustainability is that all people are equal. We work in the areas of diversity and integration in Sweden, as well as with human rights, labor legislation and workplace conditions — primarily internationally, but also in Sweden when necessary. Our social sustainability program was initiated in 2014, and its strategic direction may change over time.

Diversity and Integration

Diversity pays off, for society at large as well as for businesses and organizations. It is a major social problem that Sweden does not take advantage of the skills that persons with a foreign background have. There are many reasons for this. Among other things, Statistics Sweden show that 70% of all jobs today are mediated through contacts and that persons with foreign origins generally have smaller networks than those born in Sweden. To help solve this social problem, we will identify and interact with selected organizations that focus on job creation, networking events and other activities that best endeavor to both take advantage of expertise and facilitate integration.

In the autumn of 2013, a program called Axelerate was initiated across the entire Axel Johnson Group to increase diversity in senior positions. The goal for 2020 includes achieving a gender breakdown of 40–60 percent in executive management with at least 20 percent of managers having an international background. Find out more about Axelerate.

Human Rights, Working Conditions and Community Development

Issues relating to human rights and working conditions are very central to global sustainable development. Since the UN launched the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, companies have had an increasingly pronounced role and specific responsibilities in this area.

Ensuring that human and labor rights are respected is always timely for the companies in the Axel Johnson Group, whose supply chains are often found in countries with challenges in these areas. Our work originates primarily from issues and challenges that come from the group’s operations. The area is new, and we will develop the strategic approach and current projects in close dialog with the companies within the Axel Johnson Group.