Fashion Talks

Fashion talks are a seminar earlier hosted by Axfoundation to bring light on the sustainability aspect during Stockholm fashion week.

Axfoundation has for the last years hosted open seminars on sustainability and fashion.

Axfoundation has for the last years hosted open seminars on sustainability and fashion.

In connection with the Swedish fashion week in Stockholm, Axfoundation has for the last few years arranged open seminars on sustainability and fashion. The textile and fashion industries face many challenges. Both environment and people in manufacturing countries often pay a high price for our cheap textiles in the form of contaminated water, unusable agricultural land and social wrongs. At the same time, a lot of interesting and good things are happening in the textile field: new materials, new business models, innovations and consumer trends are driving development in a more sustainable direction. During the Fashion Talks we directed the light on both the negative and the positive, with the aim to create discussion and inspiration for brands, media and consumers.

Fashion Talks 2010

Seminar in collaboration and conjunction with Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns. Focused on opportunities in the textile and fashion industries to take responsibility for social and environmental conditions in the textile industry.

Speakers: Mathilda Tham, Goldsmith College, London, professor, Beckman School of Design; Katharine E. Hamnett, Katharine E. Hamnett; Jill Dumain, director for environmental analysis, Patagonia Inc.; Cecilia Solér, senior lecturer in sustainable marketing and consumer behavior, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg; Marcus Bergman, PhD student in architecture at Chalmers University of Technology and lecturer at School of Textiles, Borås University; Eva Eiderström, director of green consumerism, Society for Nature Conservation; Maria Sandow, administrative director, Stil, Swedish Trade Federation; Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson, CEO, Swedish Vision and initiator of Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University.

Fashion Talks 2011

Seminar series in collaboration and conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm. Focused on the future of sustainable materials and resource recovery.

Co-organizers: Association of Swedish Fashion Brands and Sustainable Fashion Academy.

Speakers and panelists: Mikael Schiller, Acne; Sophie Gunolf, Indiska; Peter Ingwersen, Noir; Sandra Nolgren, design journalist, coordinator of sustainable community development, Architecture and Design Center; Clemens Thornqvist, professor, design management, School of Textiles; Jacob Östberg, Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University; Sanna Due, Environmental Protection Agency; Mikael Karlsson, Society for Nature Conservation; Catharina Midby, H&M; Peter Askulv, Klättermusen; Marcus Bergman, Ecocotton; Maj-La Pizzelli, Axstores; Hjalmar Granberg, Innventia; Christopher Welsh Folkesson, MISTRA; Kate Fletcher, professor, London College of Fashion; Annika Matilda Wendelboe, Matilda Wendelboe; Lena Pripp-Kovac, IKEA; Emma Enebog, Myrorna; Lars Tolgén, Ragn-Sells; Donna Brown, Fjällräven.

Fashion Talks 2012

Seminar series in collaboration and conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm. Focused on changes in consumer behavior related to lifestyle trends and technological advances.

Co-organizer: Association of Swedish Fashion Brands.

Participants: Burak Cakmak; sustainability professional, independent adviser, former CSR Manager at Gucci Group, PPR Group and GAP; Mikael Schiller, Chairman, ACNE; Sofia Ulver-Sneistrup, PhD, consumer trend researcher and senior lecturer at the School of Economics and Business Management, Lund University; Andrew and Iain Foxall, creative directors, founders of Foxall Studio; Hans Andersson, head of business development, retail industry, IBM; Sofia Hedström, journalist and fashion editor, Svenska Dagbladet; Carl Peyron, senior lecturer, strategic brand management, IHM Business School and RMI Berghs School of Communication; Elin Larsson, corporate responsibility manager, Filippa K; Pär Lager, strategic communication adviser and entrepreneur, former CEO at RMI Berghs School of Communication.

Fashion Talks 2014

In 2014, two Fashion Talks on smart wardrobes were held at Bukowskis in Stockholm. How do you create a wardrobe of clothes that last a long time? When taste, design, quality and durability go hand in hand over time. Journalist and writer Sofia Hedstrom was the moderator for a panel of five fashion experts. Fashion Talks are held during Fashion Week in Stockholm.

Co-organizer is the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands.

Panelists, spring 2014
Marina Kereklidou, designer; Elin Larsson, CSR manager, Filippa K; Catarina Midby, sustainability communications manager, H&M; Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, fashion writer; Malin Sveholm, curator, Bukowskis.

Panelists, autumn 2014
Lisa Corneliusson, fashion journalist; Fredrik Wikholm, Uniforms for the Dedicated; Catarina Midby, sustainability communications manager, H&M; Johannes Persson, designer, Oscar Jacobson; Lena Ek, Minister for the Environment (2011–2014).

Fashion Talks 2015 Water – a matter for fashion

It can take up to 2 700 liter of water to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt, and almost 20% of global industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles. How can the fashion industry make a difference and change the problem of water scarcity?

Fashion Talks 2015 put the spotlight on a range of remarkable initiatives and approaches that will have a profound impact on how the fashion industry will transform the management of our precious water resources. Water was highlighted as Fashion Week and World Water Week coincide in Stockholm.

Panelists include: Femke Zijlstra, DyeCoo; Elin Larsson, Filippa K; Fredrika Karlén, KappAhl; Elin Weyler, SIWI and Martin Berling, W R SpinDye.

Moderator: Natalia Brzezinski, Communication Strategist

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