Axfoundation’s Do Tank Nov 15, 2023 – How to Recycle 200 Million Tons of Solar Panels?


Axfoundation’s Do Tank: Circular Solar Panels

On the agenda: How do we create a sustainable system for solar panels throughout their lifecycle – a system that minimizes material losses, secures material supply, and contributes to increased Swedish companies’ competitiveness?

Date: November 15, 2023

Time: 13:00 – 13:45

Location: Live broadcast

Organized by: Axfoundation


  • Johanna Behrman, Project Manager Circular Economy, Axfoundation
  • Anna Werner, CEO, Swedish Solar Energy Association (Svensk Solenergi)
  • Fredrik Engström, National Audit Office (Riksrevisionen)

Moderator: Linda Andersson, Director of Communications, Axfoundation

The event is held in Swedish.

The renewable energy sector with solar power is growing exponentially, but with a dark side; a substantial amount of solar panel waste. The waste is projected to increase to 200 million tons by 2050. This can be compared to today’s plastic waste, which is 400 million tons. There is enormous potential in reusing and recycling with significant business and societal benefits, but so far, the market has been unexplored. How do we go about creating a sustainable system for solar panels throughout their lifecycle? Welcome to Axfoundation’s Do Tank – a live knowledge event focusing on practical action.

The event is broadcasted directly from Torsåker Farm and gathers representatives from the solar energy industry, the National Audit Office (Riksrevisionen), and experts in circular economy. With inspiring speakers, we explore the field of Circular Solar Panels: What are the challenges? What are the potentials? How do we make it all the way to a sustainable business model?

The event is held in Swedish.

Why a Do Tank?

Together with a wide range of stakeholders, Axfoundation is currently exploring the challenges of solar panels and practical solutions on a broad scale. Among other things, we are part of a newly started consortium for a larger project with partners such as El-Kretsen, The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Remondis, Stena Recycling, and Svea Solar. At the same time, we are exploring additional paths ahead. We want to encompass the entire value chain’s perspective, broaden the scope of the issues, and ensure that all facts are on the table. Therefore, we invite you to a practical Do Tank that starts off with a fact-packed live overview of the current situation and potential – open to all with an interest in the matter. After establishing a clearer picture of the current situation, we roll up our sleeves and start addressing the issues.

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