Bioinspired Forum

Bioinspired Forum is an initiative previously supported by Axfoundation. In 2014, Axfoundation, in cooperation with Biomime at the Royal Institute of Technology and the City of Stockholm, arranged the Bionsipred forum, an open seminar. Focus for the seminar was: How will our understanding of natural principles influence future design, products, and processes? And what will this mean for your discipline or line of work? Bioinspired Forum focused on fibers at Albanova/KTH and on movement at the Nobel Dynamite Factory, but also opened up for a general discussion on how nature can inspire us.

The field of biomimetics or biomimicry has been around since the beginning of mankind. Lately, thanks to new technologies, this cross-disciplinary research field has entered a dynamic phase and opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Biomimicry is about inspiring new design, developing products, solving engineering challenges and initiate new industrial processes.

Special guests: Biomimicry Institute/Asknature, Montana, USA, and Autodesk. Other partners: Aalto University, Bionis, KTH Innovation, Innventia, Swedish Biomimetics 3000, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Royal Institute of Technology, Umeå Plant Science Center, SweTree Technologies AB, Wallenberg Wood Science Center, Södra Cell, Vinnova, Formas. Speakers: Christopher Allen and Denise DeLuca, Biomimicry Institute and; Vincent Bulone, director of Biomime; Lars Berglund, Biomime and director, Wallenberg Wood Science Center; Albert Mihranyan, Ångström Laboratory; Michael Dobry, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Arizona State University; Lars Uno Larsson, Swedish Biomimetics 3000; Sofia Hiort av Ornäs, SweTree Technologies AB; Professor Richard Bonser, University of Reading, director of BIONIS and lecturer in biomimetics, Industrial Sustainability – Biology Can Provide Inspiration for New Textile Materials.

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