Bisphenol A and Its Alternatives

The seminar about Bisphenol A and its alternative was held in 2014 . The aim was to inform about Bisphenol A and its effects. It is an earlier project supported by Axfoundation.

Seminar about the alternatives to bisphenol A.

Seminar about the alternatives to bisphenol A.

During a seminar on bisphenol A and its alternatives, these questions were answered: What are endocrine disruptors? Bisphenol A—How dangerous is it? Alternatives to bisphenol A—What options are available and how do they affect health and the environment? Possible future scenarios relevant to legislation and guidelines.

Speakers: Helén Andersson, Toxicologist at the Swedish Chemicals Agency who works with regulation and risk reduction of chemicals in products. She is a former researcher at Uppsala University where she investigated how endocrine disruptors can affect human health. Lena Lundberg, Administrator at the Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation. Lena has a doctorate in plastic processing and properties at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Lars-Börje Croon, Subject Coordinator, Regulation Development Department, National Food Administration.

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