Axfoundation mobilizes companies to support migrant workers through digital training on COVID-19


The corona pandemic has hit Thailand hard, a country with extensive exports of foodstuffs in particular, but also home electronics. Especially vulnerable are hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. They lack reliable information in their native languages about COVID-19 and what rights migrants are entitled to. The MOVE network now hopes to be able to launch an easily accessible digital training in four languages already this summer – but support from more companies is needed to reach all the way.

MOVE was launched in the spring of 2020. The network is a broad initiative in which companies and organizations join forces to strengthen migrant workers in global supply chains through easily accessible digital training, shared knowledge and constructive dialogue in the workplace. Axfoundation is the coordinator of MOVE, whose ambition is to roll out digital training efforts in various markets, with training focusing on work related rights and responsibilities. The trainings will cover a range of topics – from ethical recruitment to health and safety. As a first step, the network is now investing in reaching out with public, free and reliable information to workers in Thailand about COVID -19 and labor law. The solution is built to be scalable even for other markets.

“The aim right now for MOVE is to before August launch a multilingual mobile app and web platform targeting migrant workers and local Thai workers in factories and plantations, but also those in transit risking getting caught in limbo. The training content has already been developed and successfully piloted using tablets on ten factories. But we would like more companies to join to be able to accelerate a scalable solution adapted to smart phones.” – Viveka Risberg, Program Director, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Axfoundation

Behind this specific initiative are Axfoundation and IOM Thailand, together with service providers Quizrr and Ulula. Food retailer Axfood and grocery wholesaler Unil Norway have confirmed their interest. A Call for Action has been shared with EU and US companies. The more companies participating, the greater the impact and opportunity to work long-term with improvements throughout the supply chains. Therefore, Axfoundation welcomes companies in different industries to join, to prevent exploitation and discrimination of migrant workers and contribute to increased awareness of COVID-19. For more information, please get in contact with coordinator of the initiative, Viveka Risberg.

Call for action: Detailed information about the digital solution and the role of companiesl



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