Viveka Risberg

Viveka is heading the Sustainable production and consumption program. Within the program, she primarily manages projects that concern traceability and sustainability in global value chains. Viveka has extensive experience in issues related to sustainable supply chains, human rights and corporate responsibility.

With a background as a copywriter and social entrepreneur, Viveka has developed her expertise in sustainability based on several platforms and countries. Viveka was previously Director and publisher at Swedwatch. Before that, she lived in Bangladesh for four years and led H&M's sustainability department with a number of projects in working conditions and environmental issues.

Viveka is the chairman of ETI Sweden (Ethical Trading Initiative). Formerly, she  was Chair at the Swedish amfori network and sat on the Advisory Board for the Higher Vocational Education (HVE) "Sustainability specialist" at Stockholm's International Business School.

Projects within Sustainable Production and Consumption