Soy from the Cerrado: Is it possible to stop deforestation? – Frederico Machado


During a meeting with the Swedish Soy Dialogue, Axfoundation sat down with Frederico Machado from WWF-Brazil to hear his views on why protecting the Cerrado is crucial for the planet – and why it is critical that national and international soybean consuming companies, financial institutions, and soy bean producers look for a solution to reconcile agricultural expansion and protection of the remaining Cerrado.

The Cerrado, a landscape that houses 50% of Brazilian soybean production, is at the frontier of deforestation in the world. More than half has been destroyed in a few decades. Already, the market has been consulting with soybean producers in Brazil about a financially fair alternative that could pay farmers for the protection of native vegetation. But the solutions for the Cerrado – and for the Amazon – are being heavily questioned which is hindering the implementation. Is there a way forward – or is boycott of soy from Brazil a solution?


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