Webinar: Uncovering links to deforestation in soy supply chain


How can companies better collaborate and assess risks in their soy supply chain? This question was on top of the agenda when the Swedish Soy Dialogue recently held a webinar together with the Stockholm Environment Institute and Global Canopy about Trase – a supply chain transparency initiative that seeks to transform understanding of the sustainability of commodity supply chains.

Trase offers an innovative digital tool providing promising solutions for increased supply chain transparency. Trase links buyers to production landscapes at scale and offers open-access information system and an online-platform. Apart from soy, Trase also covers commodities such as pork, beef, chicken, palm oil and coffee. The seminar aimed at increasing knowledge about Trase and how companies can use the tool for risk assessments and supplier mapping.

The Swedish Soy Dialogue is a unique cross-sectoral collaboration between Swedish feed companies, food producers, food retailers and associations. The purpose of the network is to highlight the issues around soy production and to contribute to the development of responsible production of soy. Since 2018 Axfoundation has hosted the Soy Dialogue, where we coordinate and develop the work within the network.


  • Helen Bellfield, Trase Director, Global Canopy
  • Chris West, Acting Centre Director, the Stockholm Environment Institute, York Centre
  • Emma Gollub, Engagement Lead, Global Canopy
  • Hanna Skoog, Program Director, Axfoundation


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