Filippa K Circle

The Filippa K Circle is an initiative previously supported by Axfoundation. The Filippa K Circle is a forum in which Filippa K and its suppliers are working to create the most sustainable products possible from every perspective. This may involve avoiding waste, creating recyclable products, minimizing resource consumption, choosing sustainable materials in everything from wire, lining, interface and packaging to having a transparent supply chain and so on. In addition, the products must have a long life cycle as relates to both design and quality, fit perfectly, strengthen the brand and, of course, increase the company’s sales and earnings. Filippa K Circle started as a project but will eventually become the model that the entire company follows—a sustainable, circular business model.

Champions of Long Lasting Fashion

Circular economy is a concept that is gaining more attention. It is about moving from a linear resource extraction to a circular, where the materials used in the product will return to production after the end of the product’s life.

With contributions from Axfoundation, Filippa K has completed a two-year analysis work that resulted in the launch of three so-called Front Runners. The first garments – a dress, top and shirt – were launched in autumn 2014. The next step is to develop different types of services that reinforce Filippa K’s efforts to become champions of long-lasting fashion.

“To accomplish this, we must think in new ways, not just look at how we can minimize our footprint. We started with knitwear and are designing three models that will be launched in our own stores in the autumn of 2014. The goal is to do this for each of our product groups and to use the lessons learned as a benchmark for all our products. This is a way for us to begin adapting to the circular economy, where we are moving away from linear production models to circular ones in which no waste is created, all steps in the chain are as sustainable as possible and we design products with the perspective that they are designed and created to be recreated.” Elin Larsson, previously Sustainability Manager at Filippa K, led the Filippa K Circle efforts.

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