From climate talk to climate action – Per Esben Stoknes

What prevents us from going from climate talk to climate action? We are well aware of the consequences of climate change. The scientific climate reports keep confirming the magnitude of the challenge we are facing. But if our planet is boiling – why don’t we act as if our house is on fire?

When Axfoundation in 2019 organized the Human Nature seminar (Swe: Människans Natur) for the eighth time, experts took on the subject of nature, the body, society, seas and the climate – all with the aim of getting below the surface. In this film, one of these experts, Per Esben Stoknes, gives his view on what factors prevents us from acting – but also gives 5 hands on suggestions for efficient climate communication.

Full seminar available via UR Play

The Human Nature seminars are also available in full via the Swedish Television “UR Samtiden”. See Per Esben Stokne’s seminar at UR Play.