Human Nature 2011 – What Makes Humans Human

When Axfoundation organized the Human Nature (Swe: Människans Natur) seminar in 2011, the theme was "What Makes Humans Human". The annual conference examines the human's inner and outer nature, and nature itself. The conference was held in Torekov in Sweden. As for all Human Nature seminars, we wanted to dissect a topic from different angles. The focus was on humans as trustees – of common natural resources and of our own internal resources and how one depends on the other. How we care and develop our inner nature to play a major role in how we take care of natural and social resources that we share with all living beings on the planet. 


Among the speakers were: Josep Call, senior scientist and director, Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Center, Max Planck Institute; Malinda Carpenter, senior scientist and head of the Minerva Foundation Research Group on Social Origins of Cultural Cognition in Infancy, Max Planck Institute; Peter Gärdenfors, professor of cognitive science, Lund University; Agneta Pleijel, journalist, author, playwright; Maciej Zaremba, journalist, DN; Lasse Dencik, professor of social psychology, Roskilde University; Bill Hansson, professor, Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology; Terje Tvedt, historian and professor of political science and geography, University of Bergen; Johan Kuylenstierna, center manager, Stockholm Environmental Institute; Petra Wadström, inventor and CEO, Solvatten; Tore Ellingsen, professor of economics, Stockholm School of Economics; Anna Dreber-Almenberg, assistant professor of economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

About Human Nature

The seminar series “Människans natur” (Human Nature) is an informal event during which we raise interesting aspects of the human’s inner and outer nature together with scientists, politicians, industry, local farmers and other old friends. The seminar is often broadcasted on Swedish public television. Human Nature was first held in 2010.

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