Madeleine Linins Mörner

Madeleine is heading the Future Food program. She is responsible for the Torsåker project, an initiative aimed at creating a development center for sustainable meals of the future. Torsåker will be a meeting place for people who contribute to the development of Swedish future sustainable food production - a gathering place where farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers meet to test, process and develop new foods.

In 2012-2014, Madeleine began to initiate and develop a Group-wide sustainability strategy for Axel Johnson Inc., the US company. The strategy was implemented in the majority-owned companies. Business as a driver for change has always been key for Madeleine. She has operated through her own communications and strategy company Hobo Inc - with customers like Fair Trade, LO-TCO and SOS Children's Villages - as well as through the Fair Unlimited company, which Madeleine founded and operated in collaboration with four partners. She has been active in Fair Trade and in close cooperation with producers in the food and craft sectors in developing countries.

Madeleine holds a PhD in Psychology from Uppsala University, a degree from Bergh's School of Communication, and studies at IHM Business School and Business Administration. She has international experience from social work in Honduras. Madeleine is board member of the World Childhood Foundation, Exceptionell Råvara ("Exceptional Commodity") and the forest company Tunalund Intressenter.

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