The Food that Disappeared

"The Food that Disappeared" was an earlier project supported by Axfoundation.

The purpose of the seminar was to bring together industry and commerce to illustrate the extent and consequences of wasting food on the economy and environment, mainly in industry and the grocery trade. The seminar presented both experiences and knowledge gaps and generated discussions about common actions and visions.

Speakers: Anders Nordström, Stockholm University; Jan Lundqvist, professor, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI); Halvard Hauer, environmental director, NorgesGruppen, Norway; Ole Jörgen Hanssen, senior researcher, Østfoldforskning, Norway; Helén Williams, researcher, Karlstad University; Monica Axell, unit manager, SP; Åsa Domeij, environmental director, Axfood; Ingrid Strid, researcher, University of Agricultural Sciences.

The seminar was a collaboration between the Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society and Axfoundation.

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