Web-based Sustainability Education at 95 Companies


This past year, Axel Johnson International has taken several important steps in its work towards sustainability. With 95 companies spread across 25 countries, a great need exists of educating all 2,700 employees. Meanwhile, the companies are small with about 50–100 employees each, scattered around the world. To spread knowledge about sustainability and ethics has been a challenge.

A web-based education program, developed by The Natural Step, turned out to be the right solution. With help from Axfoundation, the program has been translated into eleven languages, making it reach workers at all levels. It is now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Polish and Italian. The online training launched in September 2016. The ambition is for employees to take the course once every two years.

“By using a specially designed training that explains the concept of sustainability, we help employees start thinking about sustainability. The next step will be to educate about what sustainability means for Axel Johnson International” – Åsa Holmgren, sustainability manager at the company.

Axel Johnson International is a technology distributor and provider of services and solutions to industry. www.axinter.se.