180 Nordic companies protest against Thailand


180 Nordic companies protest in a joint letter regarding the verdict against Andy Hall, which fell on March 26. The letter has been sent to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand, The Ministry of Commerce in Thailand, The Thai Chamber of Commerce, Mission of Thailand to the EU, The Thai Food Processors’ Association, The Thai Pineapple Industry Association, Pineapple Processors’ Group and the company who sued Andy Hall for defamation in 2013, Natural Fruit Co. Ltd.

The Delegation of the EU to Thailand as well as Nordic ministries for foreign affairs and relevant Embassies have got a copy of the letter, which also was made public on the 11th April.

The verdict is deeply worrying because it, among a number of other similar ongoing legal processes, indicates major difficulties reporting on maladministration in Thailand for both third-party reporters and employees in general, migrant workers in particular. Nordic companies safeguard the possibility of social dialogue at the workplace and sound grievance mechanisms. Therefore, the Court decision is disturbing. Thailand is one of the world’s largest food exporters and is dependent on 3 million migrants from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

Read the letter here:

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