Blue Economy and Climate Blues – Ahsok Khosla

Ahsok Khosla has a long-term perspective on the environment, sustainability, nature and economy. For half a century he has worked on environmental and development issues. He says that the planet earth is in a very difficult situation. On current trends, we are in a race against time to be able to reverse the impending environmental and climate threats that we either face or already find ourselves in.

Khosla tells us what has convinced some of the most acclaimed business leaders he met to go from being the “polluters” to lead companies regarding environmental and climate issues. Dr. Khosla explains the concept of the Blue Economy, and how innovation can lead to the development of sustainable ways to live, work and grow.

Khosla attended the 3rd Nobel Symposium on Global Sustainability 16—19 May 2011 in Stockholm, and we had a chance to meet with him for an interview in between meetings.