Free app for migrant workers in Thailand offers gamified training on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is heavily affecting migrant workers around the world. In Thailand the situation is quickly getting worse. Factories are closing and due to lack of information from reliable sources, rumours are spreading compromising migrant workers safety and health. The MOVE App is now available for migrant workers for free. The app offers easily accessible training on COVID-19 and workers’ rights.

Download the app

Get the app via Google Play, or download it by scanning the QR code.

The app can be accessed also via IOMs multilingual website for migrant workers – Together, the app and the site form a reliable up-to-date digital platform aiming to reach workers with information in relation to safely migrating, working and living in Thailand.

Reaching migrant workers

The app offers reliable content in local languages to support migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos already working in, or planning to work in Thailand. The app is powered by the multi-stakeholder initiative MOVE aiming to empower migrant workers in global supply chains.

The training is useful for people in risk of trafficking, discrimination, or infection of the coronavirus. Users can also provide information about their situation via a survey connected to the app, thereby providing partners with important knowledge about the challenges faced by migrant workers.


Gamified training

The gamified training is based on short films and quiz questions. Training is available in Thai, Burmese, Lao and Khmer, with both subtitles and voice over to increase accessibility. The app contains two short modules:

  • COVID-19 training module covers essential information about the coronavirus as well as health and hygiene practices to help you stay safe during the pandemic.
  • Employment practices training module covers information about the employment contract, work permits and discrimination policies.

Help spread the word

Are you sourcing or producing in Thailand? Or does your organization work directly with migrant workers? MOVE aims to reach workers across industries, in all tiers with the app. To reach those in employment, those who are looking for work, and those who are in transit, MOVE is looking for local partners in Thailand who can help spreading the app and support users hands-on.

Feel free to spread the MOVE App in your network. Posters are available for download.

Would this free app be a useful tool for your organization to help build awareness and support empowering workers? Contact Viveka Risberg for more information.

Powered by MOVE

The app is powered by the multi-stakeholder initiative MOVE aiming to empower migrant workers in global supply chains through easily accessible digital training, shared knowledge, and constructive dialogue. Axfoundation is one of the founders of MOVE together with Axfood, Electrolux, HP, IOM (the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration), Quizrr, Ulula and Unil.

Are you engaged in anti-exploitation of migrant workers in global supply chains? Are you looking for something complementary to audits and factory inspections? Axfoundation and MOVE welcomes companies to join in the development and implementation of innovative training to empower migrant workers. Contact Viveka Risberg for more information.