Soy production has become a growing consumer issue. More and more customers are demanding that companies take responsibility for the production conditions of the soy they sell. Today, soy is one of the world's most produced commercial crop, with the majority used as animal feed. While soy cultivation contributes to economic development, it also affects the environment and the climate. How do we ensure that all soy that reaches Swedish consumers is produced responsibly? How can the Swedish market, albeit small, work together for better soy production conditions? These are examples of issues tackled by the Swedish Soy Dialogue - a unique cross-sectoral collaboration between Swedish feed companies, food producers, food retailers and associations, that. Between 2018-2021, Axfoundation hosted the Swedish Soy Dialogue, coordinating and developing the work within the network. Since 2022, the work is instead conducted via the new Swedish platform for high-risk commodities, hosted by ETI Sweden.