Urban Farmer in LA – Ron Finley

Ron Finley  is a now world-famous TED Talk speaker, and he was the final speaker at the packed EAT Forum in Stockholm. The two-day event focused on food, health and sustainability. Finley is the man who put his shovel in the ground outside his home in South Los Angeles to sow seeds and grow his own food, almost getting arrested by local police in the process.

More importantly, he created seeds of change for the young people who have only had fast food, soft drinks and processed food in the rugged South Central neighborhood. Ron describes the change that takes place when people put their hands in the earth, connects to nature and conceives it’s magnificent force.

To be “Gangsta” should be to live sustainably, organically and wisely, says Ron. He has followers both locally and globally. Like the kids in India who became “Gangstas” after viewing Ron on Youtube.

Meet an urban farmer with a poetic passion to transform our relationship to mother earth and start us on growing our own food, real food.