Human Behavior vs. Climate Crisis – Dan Ariely

Why do people not act promptly in response to an impending climate crisis? Why do we choose from the menu because of the order of the options and why are doctors wrong in their routines?

Dan Ariely is a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University . His book Predictably Irrational became a bestseller and Ariely speaks at events such as TED and World Innovation Forum. On TED Professor Ariely talked about the daily choices people make and that we are not as rational as we want to believe.

You can follow Professor Ariely’s research and groundbreaking insights on his blog, Predictably Irrational and the podcast that goes by the name Arming The Donkey (listen via Apple’s iTunes).

Axfoundation’s Estelle Westling met Dan Ariely at Duke in a conversation about human behavior in relation to a climate crisis.