If Food is the Path to World peace – Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is always on the frontline to put attention on food as part of the root of conflicts around the world. But, she says, our food is also the seed to make peace on earth. She uses all the knowledge she has gathered as a physicist, environmentalist, ecofeminist, writer and debater to show how food and food production is deeply intertwined with economics, health, politics and conflicts.

Dr. Shiva believes that everything is connected, just like the laws of quantum physics claims. Happiness does not have to be defined by earning more than a dollar a day. Dr. Shiva is a deeply committed and established environmental activist with a focus on our food and it’s potential as peacemaker.

Dr. Shiva is an engaged debater and writer as well as a practitioner who is passionate about the locally grown. She campaigns for seeds to be preserved and disseminated through networks of growers. She is internationally praised with awards such as the Right Livelihood Award. We met Dr. Shiva during EAT Forum 2014 in Stockholm.