Our food should preferably not be eating our food. This is one of the basic concepts behind the project ‘5 tonnes of green fish on the counter’ (in Swedish, ‘5 ton grön fisk i disk’) that Axfoundation has carried out in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and actors from every step of the food chain. The project has proven that it is possible to grow an environmentally friendly Swedish fish on a large scale while at the same time making use of an unused raw material resource; food waste from industry. In total, the project has produced 4 tonnes of ‘green‘ rainbow trout. Instead of conventional feed made from imported soybeans and imported wild-caught fish, Sweden's first green rainbow trout was bred on a Swedish circular-based fish feed that consisted mainly of insects. These insects were themselves fed on organic waste, in the form of shells, kernels and bread remains.

Framtidens Mat


Future Food

The global food production and consumption drastically affect the environment, the climate and people’s health....

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