The most effective way to get established in a new country is to find a job and learn the language. However, in many cases, finding a job requires a strong network. As many as 8 out of 10 open positions in Sweden are filled with the help of contacts. This challenge, in combination with the fact that it takes an average of 7-8 years for a foreign-born person to find employment in Sweden, led Axfoundation to act. As part of Axfoundations integration initiative ÖppnaDörren , we initiated Yrkesdörren in 2015, and served as a greenhouse for the initially small-scale organization. The theory of change was simple: Meetings lead to networks – and networks lead to jobs. After five years of successfully matching established Swedes with people who are new in the country, Yrkesdörren was incorporated into the Axel Johnson Group's diversity and inclusion initiative Axelerate to be scaled up even further.


Better Schools

Better Schools is project previously supported by Axfoundation. During 2016 Axfoundation supported a joint project...

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Drive for Life

Drive for Life is an earlier project supported by Axfoundation. In collaboration with Axfoundation, the...

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