Carolina Sachs leaves Axfoundation for sustainable investments


After 12 years as Secretary General of Axfoundation, Carolina Sachs has chosen to leave for new challenges.

After 12 years as Secretary General of Axfoundation, Carolina Sachs has chosen to leave for new challenges.

“With great drive, creativity and competence, Carolina has been the hub for the construction of what is Axfoundation today. She will be missed but thanks to her we have a fantastic team and a structure in place that will take us far.” – Alexandra Mörner, Chairman of the Board, Axfoundation

After 12 years as Secretary General of Axfoundation, Carolina Sachs has chosen to leave for new challenges. With the help of Carolina, the team and the board, the business has evolved from providing funding to becoming an energetic, agile problem solver that initiates and drives sustainability projects in its broadest sense.

Founded in 1993 by Antonia Ax:son Johnson, Axfoundation is today an independent, non-profit business that works in concrete and practical ways for a more environmentally and socially sustainable society. The business today works within four program areas: Sustainable Production and Consumption, Inclusive Society, Future Food and Circular Economy.

Axfoundation believes in entrepreneurship as a force for change and broad collaboration with relevant actors in society. Proximity to a large international group of companies and to an entrepreneurial family that has been active for generations are important factors that offer both pragmatic and long-term perspectives.

Carolina started at Axfoundation in 2007 and has been central to the development of Axfoundation. She is an optimist who likes to work with solutions and is proud of the working model upon which Axfoundation is based.

“I believe in technology and I believe in humanity and that there are solutions in nature. Nature is smart, resilient and leaves no waste behind. We need diversity in nature and in society. We are a mirror of nature and vice versa. At Axfoundation, we have succeeded in designing a model where we work with innovative solutions that lead to transformative change. We always work closely with companies and research and where we address sustainability challenges with cutting-edge approaches and curiosity while at the same time enjoying the breadth and power of cooperation with a large international group of companies. The past 12 years have been fantastic with good cooperation with competent employees within Axfoundation and within the Axel Johnson companies.”

Carolina remains in the sustainability area, choosing to work with sustainable investments within areas such as food tech and agtech for newly started company Martas Explorers.

Maria Smith appointed new Secretary General

Maria Smith will be the new Secretary General of Axfoundation from August 26. Maria was previously at ICA Sverige AB, where she worked for nearly 12 years. She was most recently Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility Strategy & Development with responsibility for leading and developing the strategic sustainability work within ICA Gruppen. Read more here.

During the transition to a new manager, please contact Alexandra Mörner, Chairman of the Board, for general questions about Axfoundation.