Sustainable Production and Consumption

A prerequisite for the survival and prosperity of the planet and humans is sustainable production and consumption. This applies to everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, the technology we use and the things we decorate our homes with. Fast consumption is growing, posing serious risks not only to the environment but also to the people working along the global supply chain. Growing consumption is also a major contributor to climate change. Axfoundation collaborates with companies within the Axel Johnson Group, external companies, civil society organizations and international bodies to develop tools and methods for sustainable production and consumption.

Axfoundation puts the spotlight on sustainable production and consumption.

Axfoundation puts the spotlight on sustainable production and consumption.

About the Program

In this area Axfoundation aims to improve human rights and working conditions of employees, migrant workers and small-scale farmers in the global production chain. We apply a rights-based approach and work in collaboration with Swedish and international partners. We also investigate purchasing practices and the impact of the entire value chain on income and working conditions.

Axfoundation tests and develops methods for increased transparency and traceability, including possibilities within blockchain technology. Increased visibility makes it possible to detect and address problems, to place responsibility where it belongs and to provide accurate product information to customers. Together with various experts and partners we build knowledge and make good examples visible.

Axfoundation also wants to contribute to changing consumer behavior. We believe it is an important task to assist customers in making sustainable choices, in the store and online. The customer is always right, but they don’t always make the right choices.

Our Projects